Hoshi Saga Dokuringo: Complete Guide

Dokuringo (which means poisoned apple) is a special Hoshi Saga game that pays tribute to the rest of the Hoshi Saga Ringo series, making find a star 8 a rather soft at heart nostalgic grandpa. This means that in order to fully appreciate this installment, you need to have played all the previous Ringo titles (Ringo, Ringoen, Ringoame and Ringohime), and of course, completed all 100 stages (25 stages each). This is because Dokuringo's puzzles are all spoofs of previous puzzles, with the solutions now taking a more twisted and sillier approach. There is plenty of fun to be had with this new game, as well some extremely tough challenges never seen in previous Hoshi Saga games. Once again, we highly suggest that players only use this guide for hints on specific stages, as reading through all the solutions would completely spoil the game.

Stage 9976:

Grab the wall on the left, and drag it to the right. This will reveal a message written in Japanese. At the leftmost side of the message, you will find a small box with text, click on it to reveal the star. For those wondering, the text on this message states that the developer does not take any responsibility for anything that happens to the player's mouse for the course of the game -and finding the star consents to this agreement.

Stage 9977:

Grab the third spike from the floor and drag it all the way up to the roof before releasing it. The spike will latch onto a part of the roof and pull it down revealing the shape of a star.

Stage 9978:

Click on all the panels until all the white pieces merge together to form a Japanese character on the floor (this one spells "god"). After this, keep on clicking the back wall until it fully recedes to and a star will be revealed.

Stage 9979:

This is another one of Nekogame's naughty puzzles; on the crotch area of the girl in the center is a small panel that can be clicked opened. Just press all five buttons once to unlock the hidden star of the stage.

Stage 9980:

Keep on clicking on the center mountain and keep tapping the mouse button as it soars high up in the skies. Eventually, you will reach a part where two sky deities are shown (the Thunder God and the Wind God). Let the mountain fall and when it hits the ground, the star will rise up.

Stage 9981:

Drag the screen to make the camera pan around; simply pan the camera upwards to find the star on top of the trees.

Stage 9982:

Keep on clicking on the lower-left most block to make it go down to its' lowest level. Then click on the block above it to make it go at its' highest possible level. This will reveal a small green switch. Click on the switch and the star will appear.

Stage 9983:

Click on the orange ball and the green ball will appear -but it will be stuck. Click on the top black circle on the blue girder on the left to make the girder hit the orange ball and release the green ball. Now click on the right most black circle on the green girder to make it drop away. Click on the green ball and then the blue-green ball to reveal the hidden star.

Stage 9984:

Pull down the zipper, raise up the white shirt and tug down on the striped panties to reveal the hidden star.

Stage 9985:

You need to keep track of the star as the game shuffles around the cups. In order to find it, you need to successfully get the right answer more than three times in a row. You know you got it right if the cups immediately shuffle after you select a choice (if you make a mistake, the game reveals the right answer and you start the count all over again). Sadly, there is no trick to this stage, simply try to keep track of the right cup!

Stage 9986:

Drag the large box over to the light blue panel on the upper left side of the screen, once of the boxes' sides will drop down to complete the shape of the star.

Stage 9987:

Keep on clicking all over the stage to make all the panels drop , once you complete the large Japanese painting, grab hold of the tidal wave on the left side and pull it down to reveal the hidden star.

Stage 9988:

The goal of stage 9988 of find a star 8 is to make the last pink piece on the right of the platform fall over the right edge. To do this, position the pieces in such a way that when the hand on the left moves forward, it will knock them down in order -the hand only moves a little bit so you have to place the first piece on the left close to it. The white piece in the center will slide forward when it falls, so place a large between the white piece and the pink piece to its right. If you placed them correctly, the last right piece will drop off the edge and will reveal the hidden star.

Stage 9989:

Keep rubbing (move your mouse over it back and forth, no need to press down on the button) the lamp constantly -even after the image of the girl is revealed. The star is hidden inside the lamp and will only be found if you keep rubbing it.

Stage 9990:

Turn the large box over slightly to make the balls drop out of its hole (the hole is indicated by a small arrow print on the box). Keep making the balls come out and eventually one with a star mark will pop out.

Stage 9991:

Click on the small icon on the lower left to make the screen rotate. As the screen rotates, a large brown background -quickly click a grab on the background image. When you do the screen will freeze and you can drag the background up to reveal the hidden star.

Stage 9992:

On the upper right area is a small ball wedged between the wall and two larger balls, keep clicking on it to reveal the hidden star.

Stage 9993:

Keep on clicking the screen really fast, the star will slowly form -do not stop clicking (and do not slow down either) until the star shape is completed.

Stage 9994:

Once again, this is another naughty puzzle for the game. Keep dragging the mouse button over the girl's left breast (player's right side) and move it over the area where her breast should be and the star will be found on it.

Stage 9995:

Click on the four screws to reveal the puzzle. Clicking on the center pentagram will raise an onscreen counter -the goal is to reach 12,345 clicks. This is a lot of clicks and you can damage your mouse reaching it (not to mention waste plenty of time). To make it easier, each time you hit 100 clicks, a second mouse cursor will appear on top of the stage. But you ned to be careful about grabbing extra cursors as they may move you past the target number -which means you need to redo the stage.

So to get this done right: move your mouse over the new cursor and it will follow you around and mimic your actions. To get this puzzle done right, get to 100 clicks and grab the second cursor -now bring both cursors to the center and get the count up to 400 -this will make three more cursors appear. Grab those and bring them all to the center (keep moving the mouse in the center area to reel them in). From 400, bring the count to 905. Grab the five new cursors, bring all of them to the center and reach 1905. Now grab the ten new cursors and start bringing them all into the center area. At this point, reaching the goal is a matter of constant clicking without moving the mouse.

Stage 9996:

Open another program or window before starting this stage, make sure that the second window will completely cover the Hoshi Saga game. Now start the stage and press on the play button that appears. Wait for the button to turn into a square button then quickly switch windows. Now wait for about 9 seconds before returning to the Hoshi Saga Dokuringo window and when the star is fully formed, quickly press the square button.

Stage 9997:

Click on the letters S, T and A on the "Stage: 9997" text on the upper left. Now click on the letter R in the "Return" text on the lower right to make the star appear.

Stage 9998:

Drag the screen to the left side to find the candle, click on it once and it will reveal the star.

Stage 9999:

This is the last naughty puzzle of the game -grab the girl's bowtie and pull it down to cut her dress open in the shape of a star.

Stage 10000:

This is one of the hardest stages as you cannot afford to make a single mistake. Stage 10000 is a top down shooter where one hit will destroy your ship. Before starting this stage, open another window or program (Notepad is preferred) and cover the game completely with it.

Now start the stage and bring your ship all the way down to the center -this will let you keep hitting the boss' weak spot while avoiding the first three bullets that come your way. When the first three misses you, move away and try to keep hitting the weak spot whenever you can. After a while, the boss will switch to large rotating laser attacks.

Keep hitting the center and switch to the Notepad when you need to teleport -simply switch to Notepad, then move your mouse to the approximate area of where you want your ship to reappear before switching back to the game. Your ship will instantly appear where your mouse is.

After the rotating lasers, the boss will switch to unleashing a huge torrent of ring shaped bullets, and after that, 5 thin lasers that are aimed directly at you -all the while, the boss will also fire a giant cannon that covers an entire column of the screen. Keep using the teleport trick to avoid attacks and hit the boss in the center whenever you can.

Eventually, the boss will die and explode -at the same time, releasing plenty of bullets. This is the hardest part of the game. Keep a close eye on the bullets and keep teleporting to safe areas as fast as you can. Most importantly, never ever touch the star. The game will end once the boss is finished dying.

If you still find this stage hard to finish, you can go back to the stage select screen and click on the small gray word balloon next to the Stage 10000 thumbnail. This will lessen the difficultly of the stage from 10 stars to 5 stars. When your start it, you will have a refillable shield meter. To use it, hold down the mouse button and it will absorb the boss's smaller bullets. This is useful in surviving the boss' death sequence.

Find a star 8's ending changes depending on whether you used the easy mode (showing a regular credits screen) or the normal 10-star difficulty mode which shows a naughty image (which is basically the girl in stage 9999).