Hoshi Saga Ringohime: Complete Guide

Ringohime is the penultimate chapter of Hoshi Saga's Ringo series, yep that's right 'find a star 7' has landed on our desktops. Technically the fourth in the new colored set, Ringohime's all new puzzles and stages place it as one of the most diverse and fun-filled Hoshisaga games in the main series. Once again, developer Yoshio Ishii gives us a wide variety of themes ranging from quirky to naughty to being downright clever.

As with the rest of our Hoshi Saga, guides we highly recommend skipping over the individual solutions in order to prevent spoiling yourself from the feeling of accomplishment of figuring out the answers -instead, skip straight to the stage number you need help on.

Stage 76:

Click on the dark rectangular panel on the left side of the stage and press the top four buttons. This will light up the spotlights which you can click to rotate. Have them all face towards the painting to make the light cones form the shape of a star.

Stage 77:

To form the star, you need to change the elevation of each panel so that the yellow prints line up properly. To get this right, start with the top two pieces on the highest row. In this row, there are two pieces that form the topmost tip of the star. Set the left piece to the lowest possible position and alight the right piece's markings to it. The rest of the blocks should line up to the top two -finish the puzzle and the star will be revealed.

Stage 78:

Keep on clicking on the falling objects, once you click one, it will stop rotating. Eventually, you will be able to stop a five pointed object from spinning which is the hidden star of the stage.

Stage 79:

Keep on rubbing the lamp by moving your mouse cursor back and forth over it. Do not stop as long as something still comes out of the spout, eventually, the smoke will form the shape of a star.

Stage 80:

Drag the object from the lower left side of the stage inside. Keep on pulling and the rest of the object's body will be revealed -and eventually, its' tail will be visible. Once the tip of the tail is finally onscreen, keep on clicking it to reveal the star.

Stage 81:

Peel down the small white piece to find the center of the stage, once there, let go and start peeling in different directions from the center going out (left, right, lower right and lower left) before peeling upwards to form the star.

Stage 82:

Click on the grass at the bottom, upper right and upper left of the screen to make the ground shift and the soil will form the outline of the star.

Stage 83:

Keep on clicking on the blue shapes until they position themselves near the upper left side of the screen. If a piece seems out of place, keep on clicking it to make it cycle through its possible positions until you get it placed right next to the others. Once all five are in place, the star will be formed.

Stage 84:

Click and drag down the leaves to pluck them out, the star is hidden on the middle left side of the stage so concentrate on pulling the leaves in that area.

Stage 85:

Spam the mouse button (click it rapidly) when the sparkling diamond shapes pass through the central red vertical line, once ten diamonds are toggled., the star will be formed.

Stage 86:

Click and drag the two pieces so that they will meet in the center and the star will be visible.

Stage 87:

Hold down the mouse button and rotate the cursors in large circular motions all over the stage -keep this up for a few seconds the line will affix itself into the outline of a star.

Stage 88:

Click on the large green circle to reveal a blue circle, then click on the blue circle to reveal a dark blue circle. Now click on the pink circle near the exit sign at the lower right to make the entire lower beam fall away -then click on the dark blue circle to reveal the star.

Stage 89:

In stage 89 of find a star 7, after the star shatters, click and hold down the mouse button on the screen, the colors will invert and time will slowly turn back -and the star shards will slowly piece themselves together. Give this puzzle a bit of time and patience as the whole sequence does take a while to finish -just hold down the mouse button until the stage clears!

Stage 90:

From the left side of the stage, click on the first, third, fourth and sixth pieces in order to form the star.

Stage 91:

Move the bow upwards until the upper end of the bow reaches the point where the background's dark and lighter areas meet. Once there, fire an arrow. If the arrow sticks to the first panel, move the mouse a little bit upwards. If you get the position right, the arrow should pass through the different panels and form the star.

Stage 92:

Easy and somewhat random, this stage is simply a matter of clicking on one of the cards and scratching off the circles. Just keep at it and the star will eventually be revealed -since this stage randomizes, there is no set position for the star so just keep scratching the cards.

Stage 93:

Click and drag the lower area of the stage to the right. This will cause balls to fall down from the upper area. Grab one of the balls and use it to push the other balls to the left, keep doing this and the star will appear on one of the balls that drop.

Stage 94:

Click and drag the star tip at the bottom of the stage all the way up -keep your mouse cursor inside the star. Once you reach the top of the stage, the entire star shape will be visible.

Stage 95:

Drag the upper left panel upwards, drag the upper right panel to the right, drag the lower left panel to the left and drag the lower right panel downwards. Once all the panels are out of the way, click on all the shiny objects they reveal which will then form into a star.

Stage 96:

Ignore the rest of the fruits, instead, just click on the rightmost fruit to feed it to the creature. Then click on the leaves on the upper right to make them shake and reveal another fruit which you must also feed to the creature. When the creature spits out the remains of this fruit, a star will be revealed.

Stage 97:

The "G" stands for gravitational direction, so click and drag the arrow to make it point upwards. The blocks will start flying up and a large block with a star will also emerge from the bottom of the stage.

Stage 98:

Click on the edge of the wall on the upper right side of the stage, you will be able to drag out a long vertical piece that you can drop into the small gap below -Tetris style. Speaking of the homage, the four rows will actually disappear when you drop the bar, and the rest of the blocks will drop down finally revealing the hidden star.

Stage 99:

Rotate the green sticks so that they form a star, star with the upper two pieces that form the top point. The one lying down horizontally should be turned up to form the right side of the top tip and the other will be the left side. From there, star aligning the rest of the pieces to form a star.

Stage 100:

Before starting this stage to find a star, open another window (preferably Notepad) and make sure it covers the entirety of the Hoshi Saga flash window. This stage is a top down shooter that pits your fighter against a boss. The goal is the shoot the boss at its central core until its HP depletes, the fighter automatically shoots and all you need to do is to move your mouse to maneuver it.

Since the game keeps track of mouse position instead of movement (and pauses whenever the game is hidden from view), you can literally teleport your fighter by switching to another window, moving your mouse and then switching back to Hoshi Saga -your fighter ship will automatically reappear where your mouse is now located. This is an important strategy for avoiding the large waves of bullets that fill up the screen.

Also, be careful when the boss starts charging its massive cannon - that small laser line that appears is as deadly as its other attacks, so avoid it as well. The for the first wave of attacks, simply move down and hold your position, you will only be hit once and your shields will be able to handle it. For the second wave and later waves, use the window-switch teleport to survive. When the boss explodes, stay in a safe place and wait for the Stage to end.

If your clever enough to find number 7, Hoshi now has an eighth game, Play find a star 8 now.