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We are back with another in-depth guide to the Hoshi Saga series and this time, we are focusing on the puzzles of Hoshi Saga 3. More star hunting stages means that you get to take on a whole new set of challenges and puzzles. Once again, we advise those of you who do not want to be spoiled to just skip over the puzzles and just read on the ones you are stuck on. Also, if this is your first Hoshi Saga game, we highly suggest playing the original two titles first!

Stage 71:

The goal here is to remove all the blocks from the screen. In order to remove a block, at least two blocks of the same shade must be aligned before they be clicked an eliminated. Focus on getting rid of the small groups of blocks before focusing on the big ones in order to ensure that you get them all. Once all blocks are gone, the star will be completely visible.

Stage 72:

The pillar is made of several blocks you can raise up (click and drag the pillar up to reveal the block below). To find the star, start near the bottom -you are likely to get the star block in your first or second try.

Stage 73:

There are ten dots on the screen, a small set of five within a bigger set of five. Your goal here is to create the outline of a star using all ten dots. Start with the dot with a square on top of it, click and drag it to make a line. Pull it towards the closest dot in the smaller set then move out again to the bigger set. Keep at this until the full outline of the star is formed.

Stage 74:

Click and drag the smiley sun to the right edge of the screen to pull out the moon. This will bring out the nighttime sky and of course, stars.

Stage 75:

All five items are ink-stamps, simply click on the fourth stamp then press it on the white area of the screen to print a star on the paper.

Stage 76:

The objective of this stage is to reach the very top of the screen. While the camera pans up, you need to keep the hands from reaching the center line. Simply move your mouse over the hands and they will move away -keep this up until the very end of the stage and you win!

Stage 77:

The star is below the heavy weight -to bring it out, drag out the zeroes and the letter "k" from the anvil to make it say: "1 g". This will make the weight lighter and allow you to lift it up without any problems.

Stage 78:

The goal of this stage is to roll out the scrolls and attach them to the right pegs so that their prints will form a star. To do this, connect the inner left scroll to the peg just right of the center peg. Then, connect the inner right scroll to the peg just left of the center peg. Next, connect the rightmost scroll to the leftmost peg. Lastly, connect the leftmost scroll to the rightmost peg.

Stage 79:

Click on the floor in front of the woman and drag up a set of stairs she can walk on. After you bring up enough steps to reach the top, the woman will automatically start climbing up and the star will be revealed.

Stage 80:

Click, drag and spin the mouse around the screen to make the dark gray matter move. Keep spinning near the left most area of the screen to find the hidden star.

Stage 81:

Move the mouse over the white area of the screen to make the paint drop. To unlock the star, concentrate on the left side of the screen and keep dropping paint until the entire shape of the star is revealed.

Stage 82:

Drag the pointy piece of paper counter clockwise until it is positioned on the left side of the screen (it will automatically connect to the peg on the left side). Keep on dragging around the pieces and slowly move them into their proper positions in the shape of a star -the game will instantly add objects that will hold them in place once you get them in the right position.

Stage 83:

By moving the mouse, bounce the laser off the mass on the right wall. On the face facing the center of the screen, there is a spot where the laser will bounce off all the masses forming a star.

Stage 84:

Keep on spinning the giant gray ball and a star will slowly emerge from the center.

Stage 85:

Move the mouse around to make the tendrils follow after you, head towards the left area of the screen and find a spot where the five pieces align to form the shape of a star.

Stage 86:

Drag the dark triangle shape on top of the screen all the way down then release it. This will create a mark on the screen along with a star.

Stage 87:

Click and drag the ace of spades from the right to the left side of the screen. The cards will form a star shape as they move along.

Stage 88:

This stage is all about timing and fast, accurate mouse movements. Drag the circles all the way to the other end of their dotted lines, you need to move as fast as possible for this to work -also, when dragging, keep the mouse following the dotted line. Drag them in this order: lower left, right, lower right, top, left.

Stage 89:

This is actually one of the more annoying stages - to reach the star you need to make the man bounce off the trampoline. Do this by holding down the mouse button and releasing it before each jump (hold it down during the apex, release it when he lands). It takes a while to get used to the rhythm, but keep it up and you will finish the stage.

Stage 90:

Keep spinning around the piece of paper and let the game staple-on a star shape on it -you will need to spin it around a few times to get the full shape completed.

Stage 91:

Another naughty Hoshi puzzle; click on the men's crotches to make them let go of the hanging bar. The man on the center is the one hiding the star.

Stage 92:

Drag the first circle to the very center, then bring in the two small circles and have them on the left and right intersections in the horizontal line inside the circle. Bring the third circle to the lowest intersection of the first circle. Finally, drag the last two circles to the intersections of the previous circle and the first circle.

Stage 93:

Keep on clicking the letter "V" until it replaces all the letters onscreen and forms the star.

Stage 94:

Drag the center piece upwards and keep it steady while waiting for the timer to run out. Next, a ghost of your previous action will occur. So grab another piece and move it towards the center, aligning it with your first piece. You will need to keep doing this up to five times in total in order to fully form the star.

Stage 95:

Quickly click on the girl's heart accessory on her hair and her belly button to move her hands out of the way of her breasts. Once her breasts are exposed, stars will appear to cover her up.

Stage 96:

Keep clicking on the numbers as they appear (as they count down, the time you have to click them becomes shorter, so you need to move fast). Once the coutner reaches zero, the star will be found.

Stage 97:

Do nothing and wait for the game to form the star on its own. Do not click, press a button or even move the mouse until the "stage clear" message appears.

Stage 98:

Grab one of the sides and jam the moving center piece to form a star -time the movement so that the shape comes out right.

Stage 99:

This stage is actually in 3D, to see the effect, simply click on the screen and drag it around, you will notice that the lines move and rotate as they would in three-dimensional space. The five sets of numbers and letters point out the five main vertices of a star. Use the mouse to move the lines around and reveal a star shape. For guidance, this is the correct positioning of the vertices: P1 on top, P3 left, P4 right, P0 lower left, P2 lower right. Once you have them in the right order, simply tweak the positioning of the lines so that the star is fully formed.

Stage 100:

Simply click and drag down the person's hand to pull on the string and reveal the star.