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Hoshi Saga 2: Complete Guide

In continuation of our Hoshi Saga series guides, this is the second installment (Find a star 2) of our stage by stage walkthrough. Once again, the main objective of the game is find hidden stars in every level. If you do not want the game to be spoiled, we highly recommend reading only about the puzzles that you need help on.

Stage 36:

Click on the fireworks to make them explode and reveal the hidden star.

Stage 37:

Hold down on the mouse button and wait for the "legs" to fully extend, once the legs stop stretching, let go of the mouse button and the screen zoom out to reveal the giant star.

Stage 38:

Click on the two girls to make them jump, after each girl jumps, they will look at the boy in the center. Once both girls are staring at the boy, click on him once to make him drop and reveal the star.

Stage 39:

Move your mouse over the people on the left and right sides of the screen and they will form a star in the center.

Stage 40:

Another naughty puzzle, and in this instance, you might want to lower your audio volume for a bit in case you do not want other people to wonder what you are doing. Swish your mouse quickly from the bottom of the skirt going upwards. This will cause the skirt to flip up and reveal the ladies' knickers. Do this on the lady at the right most part of the screen to reveal the star.

Stage 41:

Click on the hidden star near the above and to the right of the center of the screen to make it light up.

Stage 42:

This puzzle requires a bit of timing as you will need to capture a shooting star within the zoom reticule. Your best bet is to wait near the lower left side, just slightly over the horizon and wait for a shooting star to pass by the center of the screen -wait for it to get within your sights before clicking the button.

Stage 43:

Click and rotate the rectangular envelopes hanging from the screen to make them spill out their contents. The one hiding the star is on the left most side of the stage.

Stage 44:

Click and drag the pentagon to the left, this will make it turn around slowly eventually reveal the star.

Stage 45:

Keep dragging up the cylindrical object on the center of the screen. This is actually a cork and once you are able to pop it out, the star will be found!

Stage 46:

Click and hold the mouse button then spin it over the screen, this will cause the entire screen to rotate. Keep doing this until rotation speeds up and the afterimages show the shape of a star.

Stage 47:

One of the harder puzzles in the game, this one requires the use of the speakers in order to know what you are doing. The point is to play "twinkle, twinkle little star" on the wine glasses -which is done by moving the mouse over the rim in a circular motion. Play the glasses in this order (from left to right):

  • 1 1 5 5 6 6 5
  • 4 4 3 3 2 2 1
  • 5 5 4 4 3 3 2
  • 5 5 4 4 3 3 2
  • 1 1 5 5 6 6 5
  • 4 4 3 3 2 2 1

Stage 48:

Drag the half star from out of the water and bring it to the upper left side of the screen. Press it next against the mirror and the full star will be revealed.

Stage 49:

Click on the bomb to make it explode, when it goes boom, the box will reveal a star.

Stage 50:

Click and drag away all the objects obscuring the upper right side of the screen -even the moon and the star will be revealed.

Stage 51:

Keep on clicking the screws to unhinge the panel and reveal the star underneath it.

Stage 52:

Grab hold of the odd shaped star in the center of the screen and keep shaking it around, this will cause the objects attached to it to fall off and you will finally be able to see the star.

Stage 53:

Grab one side of the bar and drag it to the left. Keep doing this and the bar will reveal that it is actually a star.

Stage 54:

Move the mouse left and right across the screen in order to pick up pieces of the star puzzle. The goal is to collect the pieces in the right order -if you make a mistake, you can start from the first again.

Stage 55:

In the 55th stage of find a star 2, drag the box all the way up the screen and out of sight -afterwards, let go of the box and the star will be revealed when the box drops and its side panels unhinge on their own.

Stage 56:

Drag the lines across the screen (top to bottom, left to right, bottom to top). When they pass by the center of the screen, they will outline the shape of the star which will be revealed after all three lines have been dragged.

Stage 57:

Use the mouse to control the ship! Moving left and right will steer the ship around the center of the screen and clicking on the mouse button will make it shoot. Simply keep shooting at the center area from different angles until the star is seen clearly.

Stage 58:

Drag the ball to the dark gray bar on top (second from the left) and drop it towards the horizontal box. When the ball passes through the box, it will reveal the hidden star.

Stage 59:

Use the mouse reticule to aim and shoot at the box, keep shooting it to keep the box on screen and to find the star.

Stage 60:

Click and drag the upper left part of the bar to reveal the star. The bar is actually a paper fan and the star is on the design.

Stage 61:

Drag the gray box on the upper left to reveal a guide, use this as a basis for rotating the arrows on the center of the screen -make sure each arrow points towards a point of the star. Once all arrows are aligned properly, they will automatically drop down and take the shape of a star.

Stage 62:

Observe where the letters " 62" are in the "Stage 62" dialogue box when the stage begins. Click that area with the mouse and small portion of the screen will be darkened. This darkened spot is the central and top portion of the star. Click the lighter-shaded triangle on the left side, the area on the right with no dotted lines and on the lower left, the central inverted triangle (outlined by dotted lines). The last tip of the star is on the right, a small dark gray triangle.

Stage 63:

Bring your mouse to the left side of the screen and spin it around in the clockwise direction, this will cause the ball to roll around and form the shape of a star.

Stage 64:

Click on the glowing balls in this order (if you make a mistake, click on the central ball that is not moving and start again):

The one revolving on a large orbit on the lower left The only ball revolving on the central ball The ball with a small orbit on the left The ball with the small orbit above the central ball The ball with the large orbit on the upper right After you click them all, wait for the all five to gather near the center (they pass by every few seconds) and the lines will form a star.

Stage 65:

Type out the words "i will find a star" on your keyboard then click on the center of the screen after you are done. This will cause a cut-out shape of a star to appear.

Stage 66:

Carefully click and drag the small tip from the lower left towards the center -make sure you mouse never leaves the inside of the tip, once you are able to drag the entire object out, let go of the tip.

Stage 67:

Keep on clicking on the nose to make the nose hairs appear. Then move your mouse over the nose hairs and they will form a star

Stage 68:

Each time you click on a box, it rotates along with the boxes that are near it. Form the star by starting out from the bottom, center, top, then the two edges. Or you can follow the guide below:

  • Center (three times)
  • Fifth row, second from left
  • Center row, second from left
  • Fifth row, fifth from left (three times)
  • Fifth row, sixth from left (three times)
  • Center row, sixth from left (two times)
  • Second row, center (three times)
  • Second row, sixth from left (three times)
  • First row, last from left (three times)
  • First row, second from left (three times)
  • First row, last from left (three times)
  • First row, first from left (three times)

Stage 69:

This puzzle randomizes, so there is no exact answer. The key here is to remember the shapes of each side of the pentagram (protruding triangle, half-circle gap, etc). You can jot them down if you are fast enough. At the next screen, click on each of the triangles to provide a matching shape on the right surface (a protruding part will match with a gap of the same shape). Once you are done, the pieces will align and a star will be formed.

Stage 70:

The final stage of find a star 2 is tackled by starting from the lower left of the screen and drag the pentagram up. Avoid the obstacles along the way and you will eventually be able to form the star shape when you reach the center. Make use of the rotation spots to help you navigate across the field by tilting the shape in the right direction. A bit of timing and careful planning is needed to succeed here. Also, we suggest that you do a little bit of trial and error to get a feel of the stage.