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Hoshi Saga: Complete Guide

For those of you just eager to find out the solutions to the interesting puzzles of the Find a Star 1 Hoshi Saga game, here is a complete guide to all the stages. Of course, if you do not want to be spoiled, we suggest skipping straight to the puzzles that you are stuck on (use "stage #" as the search keyword).

Stage 1:

On the large "W" shaped set of bricks, start by clicking on the lower right most part and slowly move up. The star should be at the top. For those wondering, this is a tribute to the Mario brothers game on the Nintendo Famicom -imitating a block setup in stage 1-2.

Stage 2:

Across the white space, there are several clickable areas. Clicking on these will reveal random geometric figures. The star shape figure is located on the bottom right, to the left of the large diamond shape.

Stage 3:

The star is hidden under the stage and it is tied to a rope. To reveal it, simply click and drag the pulley handle round and round until you pull out the star from below.

Stage 4:

Click on the center of the crosshairs each time it appears onscreen. When it turns into an arrow, simply follow the arrow by guiding your mouse cursor over it. By doing this several times, you would have been able to trace the shape of a star -the stage will automatically end once you finish the star shape.

Stage 5:

By clicking and dragging, spin the circles around in such a way that the smallest circle is at the upper left of the screen -this will allow you to see the hidden star.

Stage 6:

Simply click on the seed to watch it grow. Follow this by clicking stems and on the buds to reveal flowers. The flowers will attract butterflies which sport stars on their wings -wait for them to land on the flowers and the stage will be finished.

Stage 7:

Move your mouse over the assorted shapes on the bottom of the screen. Doing so will make them rise up and form the shape of the star.

Stage 8:

When the various shapes move across the screen, click on the edges or points of the shape to remove it. Once you bring an object down to a shape with only five points, you win the stage.

Stage 9:

Pull on the right arrow shaped item and aim it towards the triangle shaped object on the upper right -when the two hit, they will form a star. Do not worry about missing the target, a new arrow will spawn and you will be able to try again.

Stage 10:

When you move a mouse over one of the white spots on the screen, a tail will extend from the spot. Keep the mouse over the spot to let the tail extend fully. Find five properly located spots and the tails will form a star -it is near the lower left center of the stage.

Stage 11:

This is a very tricky stage. By clicking and holding down the mouse button, you will provide a pushing force towards the small triangle. Use a combination of soft clicks and long presses to gently land the triangle down on the floor. You can then use quick mouse clicks to slowly nudge the triangle to the right before launching it up on the star. Be careful when landing the triangle as it gets broken very easily.

Stage 12:

The challenge here is to form a star shape before the circular object is hit by those bouncing spikes. Holding down the mouse button make the circle move and releasing makes it stop. Since you cannot move backwards your only maneuvering options are to either keep moving forward or staying at a standstill. Keep trying this stage and eventually, you will be able to make it to the end.

Stage 13:

After the opening animation, start dragging the wavey object upwards. When you let go of the mouse button, quickly grab it and start dragging upwards again -keep repeating this until the star is revealed at the bottom of the wave.

Stage 14:

Click on the dotted line once to make it move, then click on it as it passes over the stage. Observe the ripples it forms and click on the center of the ripples. Once all ten ripple points have been clicked, the star will form.

Stage 15:

Simply pass your mouse over all the rotating triangle shapes and they will break apart -automatically forming the star in the center.

Stage 16:

Drag the balls up and let them bounce on the screen several times, each bounce will reveal the ball's true shape.

Stage 17:

The stage is a sheet of paper (which is hinted by the text). To solve this, simply click and drag the upper left portion of the screen to turn the sheet and reveal the star.

Stage 18:

As the blinking ball rotates, click on it for every interval measuring 6 spheres (there should be 5 blank spheres in between each darkened sphere. Completing 5 darkened spheres will form the shape of a star.

Stage 19:

Simply move the mouse near the middle upper left side of the screen to make the pieces line up and form a star.

Stage 20:

This giant jigsaw puzzle is a lot easier to solve than it looks. Simply keep an eye out for two pieces that have a synchronized motion and line them up. This makes it easy to match fitting pieces and placing them on the board. Naturally, the final shape you are forming is a star so keep then in mind when matching the pieces.

Stage 21:

Using the stage select icon as a clue, click on the upper gray area and look for a hollow point (if you have the sound enabled, the click will produce a hollow sound as well). Once you find this spot near the mid left part, keep on clicking it to break it down and reveal the hidden star.

Stage 22:

Simply click and hold the mouse button on the center of the screen -all the white spheres will converge and form the outline of a star.

Stage 23:

Hold down the mouse button and keep spinning it over the fuzzy darkened shapes. Keep doing this and the outline of the shapes will be revealed -the star is the one on the lower left side of the screen.

Stage 24:

Use the end points of the balloons to attach it to the left, right and upper corners of the diamond shaped onject on the bottom of the screen. This will raise the object and reveal the star below.

Stage 25:

Click on lowest object to make it jump up and hit the middle one. Once the two lock together, click on them to make them hit the top most object to form the star. A bit of careful timing is needed to fulfill this stage.

Stage 26:

One of the slightly naughtier puzzles of Hoshi Saga; click on the torso of the girl to zoom in then drag down her panty to reveal the star just below her waist band.

Stage 27:

Just click and hold the mouse button on the center of the dark rectangular shape and wait for the star to be revealed as the dark colors sink below the screen.

Stage 28:

Each time you click on one of the small circles, the line will turn at an angle. The key here is to rotate each segment in order to form the star. Start by creating one of the points and start by making your way from there -keep the angles small so that adjustments are going to be a lot easier to make.

Stage 29:

Each string must be connected to one of the points in order to form a star, once you have connected all the strings properly, they will form a star. This is how to do it step by step: rightmost string to the leftmost dot, left most string to the lower right dot, lower right string to the topmost dot, topmost string to the lower left dot, lower left string to the rightmost dot.

Stage 30:

Simply keep typing "i will find a star" on your keyboard and the letters will form a star (you need to type the sentence several times, no punctuation marks or capital letters).

Stage 31:

Quickly move your mouse back and forth over the dark gray circle, the longer you keep at it, the better. The circle will eventually melt and the star will be revealed.

Stage 32:

Click and grab the tree and drag it down, just ignore the ravens (or were those crows?) that fly out -the entire screen will tilt and the star will slide into the picture.

Stage 33:

From the upper right to the lower right of the screen, drag your mouse across the gray bars to imitate a "swift slicing motion". This will cut the bars and reveal the star shape they form within.

Stage 34:

  • Click on the following arrows (the five arrowheads will form a star):
  • Top - fourth from the left
  • Right - third from the top
  • Left - first from the top
  • Bottom - third and fifth from the left

Stage 35:

In order to reveal the star in the final stage of Find a Star 1, click on the light switch to turn it on. Wait for a whole minute (just observe the clock) before turning off the lights, when the lights go off, the constellation of the big dipper will appear and each point is a star!

If you manage to solve all stages of the first tricky puzzle, more challenges await in Hoshi's find a star 2 game. Try the next large collection of levels and see if you can complete them without consulting the walkthrough below!