Can you catch the flower?

In Yoshio Ishii's latest online puzzle game he has gone for a slightly different take on his find a star concept. This time we are seeking out a flower and it isn't hidden. Instead the flower evades your mouse cursor and responds differently to your cursor for each level. You must figure out how to interact with the flower in order to lure it to your cursor.

Admittedly this isn't a completely new idea by Yoshio but sticking with an idea that has proved very successful is the right move and he has altered the game play and concept enough to think of Ouka as a branch off from the find a star series. Ouka brims with simplicity in it's design and visual attraction which is what we find refreshing about this game and all his others. We also like the understated grey tones and soothing sound effects which are also present in the star games.

Try catch the flower in each of the sixteen levels and complete another one of Yoshio Ishii's timeless puzzlers.